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Dizziness is a word people use to describe a broad range of sensations. This sensation can be described as spinning, wobbly, off balance, light headed, rocking or even drunk. Just as these symptoms vary greatly, so do the causes. 

Based on your symptoms, we will come up with a protocol to help get to the cause of your symptoms. This may include a, CT scan for sinusitis, Hearing Test, Allergy Testing, Videonystagmography, Treatment for benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (vertigo) or at home exercises. 

So you may be wondering why some of this is necessary. Vestibular disorders can be aggravated by allergy or sinus issues that are not controlled. The hearing test and Videonystagmography helps to distinguish between vestibular disorders. 

Do you suffer from dizziness? We can help!

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