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Balloon sinuplasty relieves chronic sinusitis that isn’t easily alleviated with medication. This quick, simple endoscopic procedure opens and reshapes sinus passages without removing tissue or bone. Also known as balloon dilation, it offers a much quicker recovery than traditional sinus surgery. We perform this procedure in our center under local anesthesia, and most patients can return to work the next day.


You may have heard of cardiologists using balloons to dilate blocked arteries. Sinuplasty operates on the same principle: enlarging sinus passages to enlarge the drainage pathways. The balloon is filled with saline and fitted onto a tiny catheter. This catheter is inserted into the nose and then into the opening of the problem sinus. Once the balloon is inside, it is dilated for about 5-10 seconds. This enlarges the sinus opening up to six times its normal size, allowing it to drain and ventilate freely.


Traditional sinus surgery involves removal of tissue and bone to enlarge the nasal passages. This procedure can be painful, and recovery can take up to 4 weeks. Because balloon sinuplasty dilates tissue rather than removes it, the amount of trauma is greatly reduced. No packing is needed after this surgery and bleeding is minimal.


Dr. Marvel was one of the Principal Study investigators in the REMODEL study which was published in the American Journal of Rhinology and Allergy, read more about this Clinical Study.

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