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Sinus problems like painful headaches, nasal drainage and facial tenderness can make you tired and irritable. When they linger on, it feels like you’ll never get back to normal. Allergies are sometimes to blame, and often simply treating allergy symptoms can help improve sinus problems. But if you have chronic sinusitis or a deviated septum, relief may not be so simple. You may need surgery.


Traditional sinus surgery involves removal of tissue and bone to enlarge the nasal passages. This procedure can be painful, and recovery can take up to 4 weeks. Today, innovative techniques and medical devices like Balloon Sinuplasty alleviate the need for invasive surgery. These procedures cause much less discomfort and require minimal downtime.


We offer allergy testing, a low-dose sinus CT scanner to examine your sinuses, and nasal endoscopy to evaluate your nasal cavity and diagnose your sinus issues. Once we have examined you thoroughly, we can then formulate a treatment plan that’s right for your condition.


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Take the Sinus Quiz

This sinus quiz is to help us understand your symptoms, make an accurate diagnosis and prescribe the right treatment.

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