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Our in-office CT scanning can create a high-quality image of your sinuses in under a minute. Instead of arranging a separate appointment at a radiology or imaging center, you can sit for your CT scan when you see your sinus specialist and review the results before you leave.


For this type of scanner, there is no need to lie down, change into a hospital gown, or receive an IV. You won’t have to drink the unpleasant contrast dye required for most CT scans. Your sinus scan will be as simple as sitting comfortably for 20 to 45 seconds as the machine travels around your head.


Since this machine is designed only for sinuses, it uses only a fraction of the radiation of a full-dose CT scan – a great advantage for chronic sinusitis patients who may require multiple scans. Your results will most likely be available in 10 minutes, and you can wait in your exam room for your doctor to share them with you. Your sinus scan will help our team decide the best method of treating your sinuses with our in- office CT scanning

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