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The Rise of Breast Reduction Surgery

Like fashion, beauty trends come and go. Over the years what was once deemed “sexy” has been redefined. Breast implants have been popular for decades, made desirable by celebrities like Pamela Anderson and Carmen Electra. But in recent years a new shift has taken place and many cosmetic surgeons are seeing an increase in the request for breast reduction surgery. What’s sparking this new trend? You might be surprised.

Say Goodbye to Old Beauty Standards

Previous popularity for breast implants was at its peak in the early 2000’s, as was a wafer thin body, bleached hair and excessive hair extensions. But recent beauty trends have found more women ditching the calorie counters and picking up the weights. The new “it” figure today consists of well-toned abs, legs that can run marathons, and arms that have definition. What doesn’t come with this super-fit body – large breasts. Many women consider large breasts a detriment or interference to their physical activity, whether it be weight lifting, running, or day-to-day activities. And for others, it’s simply a matter of physical appearance and the desire to have a smaller, more modest chest.

What we do know is that in 2013 Breast Reduction Surgery was one of the 10 most requested surgeries in the country. Some of these women were previous implant surgery patients who requested to have smaller implants put in their place, a trend that is also popular with celebrities like Sharon Osborn and Victoria Beckham, both of whom have been vocal about their move to a smaller size.

The Discomforts of a Larger Chest

For some women, there are many frustrations that come with having a larger chest (natural or implanted) regardless of age. Extra weight from the breast can put an unnecessary amount of pressure on the spine, causing significant discomfort while standing – even while sleeping. Petite frames, especially, can experience a lot of physical issues with neck and shoulder pain.

Another common complaint is that having a larger chest can also prevent you from wearing the clothes you would like to wear. Breast reduction surgery will eliminate this frustration and give you a more proportional look.

Getting Your Implants Removed

Whether you desire to reduce your breast size for cosmetic reasons or to reduce pain from the discomfort of a larger chest, getting a breast reduction isn’t as complex as you might think. At Marvel Cosmetic Surgery, breast reduction surgery is an outpatient procedure performed in our surgery center. It requires general anesthesia and takes roughly only two hours.

You can choose to go to a smaller implant or no implant at all. If you choose the no implant route, you may need to consider a breast lift to help with the excess tissue. Speak with your doctor about a lift even if you are replacing your implant sizes. Most often, they will ask you to wait and see how the skin adjusts. But if there still seems to be some sagging with the new implant, a breast lift can help.

Do you think breast reduction surgery might be right for you? Call 931-255-4005 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Marvel to discuss your options and discover what option will work best for you.

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