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Are Sinus Issues and Snoring Related?

Sinus and congestion issues can be painful and leads many people to seek medical treatment each year. The same people may also have snoring problems, which may be annoying, but most consider that pretty harmless. What they don't realize is that these conditions can be closely related. The resolution of a sinus issue may also improve or eliminate the snoring problem.

Chronic sinus snoring can lead to an increased risk of other serious health issues. If you're prone to sinus problems, allergies, or sinusitis, and you also snore, you may have a chronic sinus issue. Read on to learn how to resolve this problem and start getting a good night’s sleep.

How are Sinus Issues and Snoring Related?

During sleep, your body instinctively breathes through the nose. However, if the nose is too congested to breathe through due to sinus issues, one may breathe through the mouth. When a person breathes through the mouth, the muscles in the throat relax, causing them to snore.

Sinus Snoring Reasons and Symptoms

There are specific reasons for the combination of sinus problems and snoring. These reasons may include back sleeping, sinusitis, humidity, allergies, sinus obstructions, deviated septum/enlarged turbinate, muscle relaxants, alcohol, smoking, obesity, or pregnancy.

Symptoms of nasal congestion can include restless sleep, difficulty concentrating during the day, excessive daytime sleepiness, or a sore throat or headache upon awakening.

Sinus and Snoring Treatment

There are several minimally invasive procedures that are ideal for patients who suffer from recurring sinus infections, chronic congestion, nasal allergies, and chronic sinus pressure. These procedures may also reduce or eliminate snoring.

Below are four procedures that can help you sleep better.

  1. Balloon sinuplasty is a simple and quick endoscopic procedure that opens and reshapes sinus passages without removing tissue or bone. Sinuplasty operates by enlarging sinus passages with a balloon to open up drainage pathways.

  2. Endoscopic Septoplasty is a minimally invasive technique for the correction of septal deviation. An endoscope is inserted into the nose, providing a visual of the nasal passage. Then a small incision is made into the area of the deviation to separate the mucosa and to readjust any cartilage, bone, or spur that is causing issues. Once the blockage has been repaired, the mucosa is replaced.

  3. Turbinate Reduction addresses swollen turbinates that cause pressure, congestion, and breathing difficulty. This quick and painless procedure shrinks the turbinates and provides relief from congestion, pressure, and drainage issues as well as treatment for snoring and sleep apnea.

  4. Soft Palate Tightening treats snoring issues related to abnormal mouth anatomy by removing/repositioning excess tissue from the soft palate, as well as shortening the uvula. While every procedure is different, each involves a combination of tissue removal and tightening performed under brief sedation.

Marvel Clinic is a full-service Ear, Nose, and Throat practice offering the most advanced solutions for sinus and snoring related issues. For more information, give us a call us at 931-451-8401 or contact us today to schedule a consultation. Our staff is happy to create treatment options for you and answer all of your questions.

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