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5 Ways to Refresh Your Skin This Winter


It’s hard to believe, but it’s that time of year again. The holidays are among us which means loads of time spent with family and friends celebrating and in this digital age you can expect lots of photos! It’s easy to forget about your skincare routine between all the planning and gift shopping, so we’ve put together five ways to refresh your skin just in time for those holiday memories!

Deep condition

The winter months bring about the colder weather which lacks moisture and harsh winds only make your skin worse. Protecting yourself from dryness will eliminate red, flaky skin. We highly recommend swapping out your lotion for a cream moisturizer.

While most brands will offer both options, the most significant difference between the two is the water content. Lotions have a higher volume of water that leads to dry skin in the winter. Swapping out your current option with cream provides your skin with a protective layer against dehydration. We love Cerave creams; they are the number one dermatologist recommended facial moisturizer and come in a variety of thicknesses for all skin types.

Medical Peel

Medical peels are a great way to restore skin elasticity and brighten the face which is exactly what you want when it comes to holiday photos. There are a few medical peels that provide amazing results that are perfect for this time of year:

Phyto-Pumpkin Peel – This enzyme peel helps glycolic-sensitive skin. It contains Vitamin A and Beta Carotene, ideal for adding a healthy glow to the surface. Because of the gentle exfoliation, this peel works on all skin types, especially those prone to rosacea.

VI Peel® – The VI Peel® contains a synergistic blend of ingredients suitable for all skin types. This peel works at the cellular level to tackle skin problems such as fine lines, wrinkles, and shrinking enlarged pores. With the help of many acids and vitamins, it’s efficient at reducing hyperpigmentation and acne.

Illuminize Peel – Known as the “Liquid Microdermabrasion,” this light peel contains Phytic, Mandelic, Malic, and Salicylic Acids, along with Resorcinol, to rejuvenate the skin. Because it is a lighter treatment, it works well for teens or those who have never had a medical peel.

Drink Plenty of Water

It’s hard to hear, but we highly suggest putting down that Pumpkin Spiced Latte and picking up a glass of water. It’s easy to believe that you need to drink more water in the summer rather than winter due to the humidity, but the lack of moisture during these colder months causes unnecessary dehydration.

Your skin is your largest organ but is usually the last to receive nutrients. It should be noted that there is a difference between dry and dehydrated skin. Dry skin is a condition you’re born with, and you know it pertains to you because other areas of your body (hands, feet, scalp) are also dry. Dehydrated skin appears when your water intake is low. Either way, your entire body will benefit from an increase of water, by flushing out toxins and plumping up your skin.

Face Fillers

If you want to plump up your skin and reverse signs of aging, face fillers are a great option. There are two kinds to choose from:

Injectables: Injectables is a blanket term for a procedure that transfers product directly into the skin and muscle tissue via a syringe to help reduce the signs of aging. Botox and Fillers both use this method and obtain favorable results, but they each perform in entirely different ways. We’ll discuss the differences below so you can choose which one is right for you.

Fillers: Fillers differ from Botox because they are injected into the contours of your face, not to paralyze, but to add volume or plump specific areas.

Some fillers are made with hyaluronic acid which fills in wrinkles. Hyaluronic acid is a substance your body naturally produces to keep skin plump and hydrated. Since it already occurs in the body, these fillers are less likely to cause an allergic reaction. The filler itself has a gel-like consistency that is injected into the skin to smooth fine lines.

Are you ready to tackle the holidays with your best glow forward? Contact Marvel Cosmetic Surgery by calling 931-455-2005 to book one of these amazing treatments today!

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