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What Causes Snoring?

Many people lose sleep each night due to the harsh, hoarse sound of snoring. This annoying sound is caused when the airway becomes partially blocked by vibrating structures of the upper airway. Snoring is a real problem for many people and there are other lifestyle aspects that contribute to increasing the odds. Read on to learn more.

Sleep Style

Sometimes your sleep position causes you to snore. Many individuals will contest that their partners will snore more if they are sleeping on their back, as opposed to their side or stomach. When lying on your back the tongue will collapse against the back wall of the mouth and create vibrations. Changing the position of sleep will help reduce the amount of snoring at night. Some people like to use a body pillow to help them stay on their side while sleeping.

Getting Older

There will be quite a few changes happening to your body as you grow older, and developing a snoring problem may be one of them. The main contributor to snoring in advanced years revolves around the muscles. Over time, the tongue and throat muscles tend to weaken and slack. During sleep, they will press into the back of the throat. As the air passes over the area vibrations will materialize.

Excess Body Weight

Anyone who has never had a history of snoring and later develops the habit should analyze their health. Even a few extra pounds can cause some nasal obstruction that will lead to snoring. Extra tissue around the neck will put some pressure on the throat. Lack of exercising can lead to weaker muscles that can also cause snoring. Excess weight contributes to a variety of health issues. If you notice you are gaining weight without much change to your diet, then you will want to speak to your doctor.

Consumption of Alcohol

Consuming any amount of alcohol before bed will increase your chances of snoring. Alcohol is a strong muscle relaxer. Alcohol consumption can cause areas in the nose and throat to relax while sleeping. The same concept can be applied to taking a muscle relaxant. Consuming alcohol before bed can allow you to snore in any sleeping position, especially if you are on your back.

Working Too Much

Poor sleep practices will not only cause you to snore but will also lead to restless sleep in general. “Poor sleep” is not taking the time to unwind before getting into bed. Working long hours or exercising before bed can over exhaust the body. Deep sleep causes the muscles to slacken and therefore invites snoring to occur.

Open Nasal Passage

Anyone who's snoring through their nose might find that opening the nasal passages will help. The wider the passage, the slower the air will move through. You can think of it as a hose attachment. Twisting the attachment to a smaller opening will force the water out at a faster speed. With a larger opening and you get a slower stream. The same goes for the air as it passes through your nose.

Nose and Throat Issues

There can also be physical issues that lead to snoring. The first and most common is a deviated septum. A deviated septum means the wall that divides the inside of your nose shifts more to one side. You could have nasal polyps. They are soft growths inside the sinuses. Adenoids and enlarged tonsils are contributing factors. All of these are obstructions that can cause you to snore.

Many snoring problems are rectifiable. You just need the help of a trained medical professional. ENT specialists at Marvel Clinic can help pinpoint the cause of snoring and develop a treatment plan. You deserve a better night’s sleep! Schedule an appointment by calling 931-398-1158.

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