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Breast Implants: How to Choose the Best Size for You

Breast augmentation can provide positive changes in a woman’s life. Today, more so than ever, the options available to a woman considering this procedure are greater than ever. With everything from size, look, and feel of an implant, you can obtain a look that makes you feel your best. One of the biggest considerations when deciding on breast augmentation is how to navigate through all these possibilities to find the best implant size for you.

Implants come in two shapes, round and teardrop, and will yield two vastly different results, which is important to understand when choosing the best for your figure. Round is a quite popular shape and looks like a flat disc. What’s great about the round shape is the variety of options that are available to achieve different projections (the distance from the chest wall in profile) so you can create a look best suited for your figure. Round implants are great for over all volume, filling out the top of the breast, and getting the best cleavage. Because of their perfect symmetry, you wont have to worry about implant rotation, but some believe the end result might look more artificial.

The second option is the teardrop shape, which mimics more closely the natural shape of the breast. This option, though it holds less filler at the top, actually delivers the most projection, as the bulk of its volume is situated at the bottom of the implant. Teardrop implants can also be pricier than round. To eliminate movement or rotation, the implants are texturized and therefore cost more. This is something to consider if budget will play a factor in your final decision. However, if you want to go larger with less risk of looking “done”, the teardrop shape is for you.

Remember numbers aren’t everything. Because everyone’s shape is different, certain cup sizes will look different on each body. It’s best when doing research to focus on overall look rather than the actual cup. For some leaner frames a DD might actually be too big and in the end not have enough breast tissue to accommodate such a jump in scale. A larger framed woman, however, who wants the same DD might actually find that this cup size doesn’t yield the desired projection and might find a larger cup works better. In reality, size is relative and it’s best to discuss with your doctor what your visions are so they can help you achieve the most suitable option for you.

If you’re ready to discuss breast augmentation and how Dr. Marvel can help you achieve the best look for you, call 615-329-3900 or click here to book your consultation today!

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