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Everything You Need to Know About Lip Augmentation


Full lips are strongly associated with a youthful appearance. As we age, the volume we once had in our youth depreciates, leaving us with thinner, sometimes wrinkled lips. Thanks to a variety of techniques and materials, there are several options to help you achieve a beautiful, sexy pout. If you’ve been thinking of enhancing the fullness of your lips, here is everything you need to know about lip augmentation.

When to consider lip augmentation:

The procedure is a great option for those who have noticed their lips thinning with age. Lip augmentation works well on noticeably thin lips or lips that disappear when smiling. The process is also great for those who are looking to add more symmetry to their face. Regardless of which process you choose; the end result will offer a fuller look.

What to expect:

Lip augmentation is achieved in a variety of ways, including fillers, fat transfers, and surgical lip implants. Depending on which avenue you choose, your procedure will be different. The risk associated with any of these options is very minimal, but it does require expertise. You’ll want to choose a doctor with previous experience and a hand in artistry because of the detailed work it requires. Recovery for injections (whether it be filler or collagen) is extremely minimal. You’ll most likely be able to return to work right away. However, the work of injections will look more overdone immediately after the process is completed to allow room for the fillers to settle.

Your options:

Fillers are a non-permanent way of increasing lip volume. They give the administer greater control and have very little down time. Human-based collagen, bovine-based collagen or hyaluronic acid-based fillers, can be injected into your lips to restore volume. These fillers last for about 6 months and results are immediate. If done correctly, the injections won’t feel any different than real lips.

Fat Grafting

Fat grafting works by transferring fat from one part of your body to your lips. Since the fat is your own tissue there is little to no risk of infection or extrusion. As with most fat grafting procedures, the end results can vary over time. As your body settles, only a percentage of the transferred fat will survive which is something to keep in mind.


Lip implants provide permanent lip augmentation with more refined results. The surgery is pretty simple and can take about an hour to complete. Surgically, implants are placed in the top or bottom lip to add volume and create your desired look. If you choose this procedure, it’s important to research your doctor, because attention to detail and placement of the implants are what will give you the most natural looking results.

No matter which lip augmentation procedure you choose, you are sure to obtain beautiful, natural-looking results. Our expert staff will discuss your goals and your medical history during your initial consultation to determine which procedure is right for you.

If you’re ready to say hello to a full, beautiful pout, give us a call at (931) 455-2005 to schedule a consultation today!


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