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Protect What's Precious - Your Hearing

Did you know that one out of every six people lives with some degree of hearing loss? And that almost two out of three people with hearing loss are younger than 65?* Yet too many of these folks wait for years before they do something about it. The earlier you take a hearing test and address any hearing loss, the better your hearing will be later in life.Our hearing is a miracle of nature. It can make us laugh and fall in love, give us answers, and keep us safe. That’s why we here at Signia continuously work to help you protect and improve your hearing in every way possible.

What is hearing loss?

No two kinds of hearing loss are the same. Some forms make it hard to hear high-pitched sounds, while others make it difficult to understand lower pitches. Potential causes include aging, noise exposure, injuries, infections, or chronic illnesses. If you have experienced any of the following signs of hearing loss, it’s probably time to have your hearing tested:

Decreased attention

Trouble communicating with others

Irritability, stress, depression

Withdrawal from social life

Memory loss

Reluctance to embrace the unknown

Declining job performance

The choice is yours

There is no “one size fits all” answer to hearing loss, because every person affected is unique — and is uniquely affected. Our hearing aids offer ideal solutions tailored to your individual degree of hearing loss, your specific ear anatomy, and your personal lifestyle.

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